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The orchard

Garden & Orchard

South of the house [ facing the nearby wood, about 30 steps ] the largest area of the garden broadens, with a surface of about 600 square meters. You can enter it through the patio, through the porch, or through the third pedestrian access, that also leads you to the second path to the sea and beaches.
The garden encompasses parking areas and spaces for leisure, lounging, where you can watch and gaze the amazing view of the blooming, lush and thriving greenery and vegetation.

Il nostro giardino

Il nostro giardino

Comfortably seated and cuddled with the coolness of the crown of the seven large olive trees [ three of which have about twenty-five years ], you will enjoy the beauty of the garden, even during the hottest hours of the day, lulled by the sound of crickets and the music of the sea. A space where balance, leisure and energy blend to delight the five senses. All in absolute privacy.

Il nostro giardino

Our garden

You’ll find seats where you can have a rest and gaze the variety of plants and flowers that have found a home here: the Lemon tree and the Pomegranate, and the two trees Loquat, Orange, Mandarin, the Pear, the big black Fig tree under which, at the center of the garden, a thirty year old Aloe Vera plant stands out and has rejuvenating, healing and soothing properties.

il nosto giardino

Our garden

A rare Sinis dwarf palm, also about 30 years old, shares space with a tree of white figs.


And flowers of various species, including a wonderful Strelitzia also known as “Bird of Paradise”, the beautiful Bougainvillea, and of course the Rose. Finally, the herbs: two species of Salvia, two of the Sinis Rosemary, Mint, Thyme and six Vines, grown on trellises on the walls.

There is also a beautiful small specimen of Callistemon citrinus beautified with its crimson flowers, gathered in showy spikes similar to the cylindrical brushes to wash the bottles.

Despite being so close to the sea, the Garden of the Villa is almost 40 years old.


German Chancellor Bismarck used to say: “My garden is like my favorite pair of shoes: I started to find them comfortable when they became old.” In a new garden, it is difficult for us to feel immediately “at home” because it always has something cold and fake, whereas in a “mature” garden, when each plant has developed its preferred form, when the branches of all the trees got interwoven with each other, you have the feeling of detecting nature live around you.

il nostro giardino

Our garden