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The garden


The exterior of the Villa encompasses four areas: the courtyard, the patio, the front garden of the house and the garden-orchard at the back. The entries to the house are three: one for cars and pedestrians and the other two on two streets.

il nostro giardino

il nostro giardino

The garden is the core that crowns the Villa and that will welcome you with its colors and perfumes, as well as the mostly endemic and spontaneous flowers and plants.

Garden and orchard are distinctive and exclusive key elements of the house: over 50 evergreen trees, 27 plants and fruit trees, and dozens of flowers, ornamental plants, aromatic and healing plants, on an area of 1,000 square meters.

You will be ravished not only by the decorative feature of the garden but also the fruitful power of many plants that ripen at 40 meters from the sea and that’s why they taste unique and mellow.


our garden

The Court
You will enter, through the driveway, the large courtyard, comprising two areas: a parking area and an additional dining area-living open air.

The floor of the courtyard is made of native stones.

The patio and the adjoining barbecue area at the back of the house and tey both lead you to the yard, the kitchen and the large garden-orchard behind.


The front garden of the house

le nostre verande

le nostre verande

On the left of the courtyard, you will find the second pedestrian entrance and the first garden area, parly composed of green grass, partly of native plants and flowers. The lawn surrounds the
verandah entrance of the house.

The area – characterized by a almost 40 years old palm tree – is surrounded by evergreen trees, interspersed with several species of Mediterranean flora, typical of Sardinia.


In questa porzione del giardino dimorano the mastic tree, the rosemary and the helichrysum, the cistus sea, the bay leaf and the wild rosemary, an over twenty years old wild olive, a sapling oak and three holm oaks dwell.

Among the flowers, the everlasting and colorful wild daisies and several species of geranium stand out.

A special place is awarded to the Aloe Vera plant [about 25 years] which proudly sticks out at the entrance of the porch.