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Our charming beaches

Our Villa is in the heart of the Sinis Peninsula, a protected marine area on the western coast of Sardinia. The area consists of several excellent beaches (san Giovanni di Sinis, Is Arutas), and a large lagoon bellow ancient village ruins of Tharros. A coastline is pretty untouched and presented with geographical beauty. Going north, the coast is sandy (here you can find the famous beach of Is Arutas formed by small white quartz sand), and it alternates to rocky cliffs that become high and imposing at Capo Mannu. Beyond, low reefs are alternated sandy coasts till the great complex of dunes of Is Arenas that stretches inland for 8 km forming a true desert area. In front of Capo San Marco, at approximately 7,5 miles, there is the Catalano, an ancient volcano of 230 m in diameter, nearly completely cracked in the middle by a deep fissure.
The Sinis Peninsula is a territory with meny naturalistic sites. Di Cabras lagoon is one of the largest lagoons in the Europe. It is pretty hard to reached because it has narrow and unmetalled roads. The banks are inhabited by interesting fauna for example rails, wild fowls and herons. The lagoon is also known for large quantity of fish (gilt heads, mullets, eels, bass). The reef scoglio del Catalano and Mal di Ventre island is also part of the Sinis territory. This reef is unpolluted and pretty wild, on the eastern side has lot of small beaches.
The meadows of Posidonia reach here the maximum depths of the Mediterranean, beyond 40 m, due to limpid water and pristine habitat. The waters of the sea and the sea banks are animated by a great variety of fish, mollusc and crustaceans: Dam selfish, common Cuttlefish, Octopus, Sea Slug, Blenny, Rockfish, Groper, Rainbow wrasse and the rare Sea Bug and Lobsters. At deeper depths, Corals, Madrepora and Sponges cover the rocky banks with many colours. In the waters in front of the coast it is easy to sight dolphins that follow the boats, the Loggerhead Turtle and sometime the rare Leather Back Turtle.
A beautiful fine, white, sandy beach which boasts a vast, shallow seabed of indescribable colours and transparent water. From here visitors can embark on a fascinating trip to the wild Island of Mal di Ventre, with its unique, unmistakable beaches.


Sa Mesa Longa

Capo Mannu


Putzu Idu

S’Anea Scoada

Su Tingiosu cliffs…

Portu Suedda

Mari Ermi

Is Arutas


Funtana Meiga

San Giovanni di Sinis

Capo San Marco





Su Pallosu

Is Arenas

Sa Rocca Tunda


some other charming patches of the surroundings of our Villa

our sand…

 S’Anea beach again…

another foreshore again, the one of Mari Ermi:

A global view:

From Maimoni to Su Crastu Biancu:

the clearness of our sea

the lingering work of sea and wind on the rock…