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Culinary tradition


        Our typical dishes:

Turrón: really delicious!

Our cakes

Rock lobster, scampi, bottarga, squid, tuna, sardines and other seafood figure prominently in Sardinian cuisine. Suckling pig and wild boar are roasted on the spit or boiled in stews of beans and vegetables, thickened with bread. Herbs such as mint and myrtle are used. Much Sardinian bread is made dry, which keeps longer than high-moisture breads. Those are baked as well, including civraxiu, coccoi pinatus, a highly decorative bread and pistoccu made with flour and water only, originally meant for herders, but often served at home with tomatoes, basil, oregano, garlic and a strong chees. Natural beauties, traditions and gastronomic wonders in Sardinia are creating an Alchemy dream that every year manages to attract a flood of tourists enchanted by the sea and all that the magic island has to offer. Heavily beaten by national and international tourism, Sardinia offers a simple and tasty gastronomy, based on ancient recipes handed down from generation to generation and that each province has reworked in such a way as to create recipes and original and varied dishes. Each location of Sardinia has indeed its culinary tradition and takes full advantage of the products that the territory offers creating exquisite dishes and delicious recipes. To ensure variety on the table, we think especially a territory that can be defined as a perfect microcosm, offering sea, lagoons teeming with fish, forested mountains and fertile plains. And from the territory that the Sardinians from the mists of time take genuine mixed foods that will create the typical dishes of the local gastronomic tradition.


Among the most delicious appetizers include meats produced mixed, taste and strong, the Parma ham and pecorino sardo cheese strictly. A self-respecting meal cannot begin without olives and fresh vegetables without necessarily served. The antipasti di mare offer as much variety instead of crabs, mussels, clams, limpets and sea dates, snails and sea urchins, lobsters, Octopus and the famous botargo.

Bread and Pasta

The Sardinian tradition, even when it comes to bread or pasta boasts a very wide variety. Big Island women producing fresh or dried pasta and typical breads that resemble in appearance much more works of art unique always use the same basic ingredient for each production: the durum wheat semolina. This will be with you to tailor the famous malloreddus, the bread carasau also known as improper carta da musica view his delicate thickness, the spawning time handmade in the form of small and tasty baked balls, or even the culurgionis stuffed with fresh ricotta. It is just some traditional Sardinian specialities that tourists visiting will enjoy accompanied by a good glass of wine and Merry company.

The Seconds

The meat is perhaps most well known of Sardinia is the pig on the spit, roasted over an open flame and made even more perfumed and tasty thanks to Myrtle branches. Follow the kid and the sheep most often boiled taste and strong. Among the dishes that the visitor can enjoy Muravera is not to forget the mixed Grill of fish fresh picked directly from rigorously clean Crystal sea against which overlooks.


Moreish sheep meat!

Specialists in packaging ham the Sardinians from that world is world using simple ingredients but above all. Food typically used are salt, a few spices that will help the seasoning and the pork or wild boar especially tasty, especially in the case of mountain animals. Among the meats most consumed dried sausage or smoked deserves an important record. Never fails on the island and is commonly served as a starter among the tastiest flanked to delicious local cheeses. The latter are produced with milk from sheep or goat and among the best-known types is sure to remember the pecorino sardo, beloved on both national and international territory, and which recently acquired the title of product Doc.


Exceptionally rich in unmistakable taste products from the traditional Sardinian pastry does not pass some unnoticed. For every occasion and every region of Sardinia offers unforgettable desserts, unusual shapes and sought, a joy for the palate and a feast for the eye.

The ingredient that underpins many desserts is the almond,  with the flour of which prepares the delicious macaroons, bulging cakes topped with candied fruit or fragments of almonds. Also is pabassinas using valuable almond, plus the raisin and sapa, the vin cotto sardo.

Wines and Liquors

Another important chapter in the gastronomy of the island is entirely from reserve wines. The wine tradition in Sardinia is as old as the mists of time and this has allowed the production of high quality that NECTARS in recent decades have seen extremely large improvements. Sturdy and very high alcohol wines Islanders well we associate with roasts and important taste meat. Among the most known and appreciated the Cannonau, Vermentino, Nuragus and Monica along with Malvasia. The meal will not be able to close without tasting one of the most typical liquors, Myrtle product white or red berries used depending. Particularly tasty even brandy, better known as filu ‘ e ferru or abba ardente.